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Nursing Job in US

New job vacancies for the Nurses who want to work and looking for good career opportunity in the United State of America such as America including New York, Washington, Niagara Falls, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Utah, Lk.Powell, Bryce Canyon, Texas, Rodeo.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

medical job vacancies

Company: Parkway Medical Center Location: AL 35609
Status: Full Time, Employee Job Category: Medical/Health
Job Description
RN Supervisor

Surgical Services: Full Time Position, Reports to Director of Surgical Services, requirements: current Alabama
Licensure; Current CNOR certification; current BLS;
Previous circulating and management/ supervisory experience required.


Surgical Services: Full-time requirements: Current
Alabama RN Licensure; current BLS. Previous
circulating experience required

RN Med/Surg

Full Time and PRN Positions. Requirements: current
Alabama Licensure; current BLS,
Previous Med/Surg


Nursery, Pediatrics & Women Services: Requirements;
current Alabama
Licensure; current BLS, NRP, PALS. Previous experience preferred.


Full Time and PRN Positions. Requirements: current
Alabama Licensure,
current BLS and ACLS. Previous

Director Cardio-Pulmonary

Full Time Position. Requirements: AS in Respiratory,
current AL Respiratory License. Must have 2 yrs.
management in
Respiratory and
Diagnostic Services

Medical Lab Tech

Full Time Position. Requirements: Must have completed an AD Program in Laboratory Science. Night Shift.
Minimum 1 Year
hospital experience

Full Time Position. Requirements: High School Diploma or GED equivalent. Basic computer Knowledge; 2 years experience in a healthcare billing position. Experience with electronic billing systems, knowledge of CPT and ICD-9
coding preferred.

Management Tech

Full Time Position. Requirements: High School Diploma or GED equivalent; one year clerical experience in
a hospital
setting and basic
computer knowledge preferred

Distribution Clerk:
Full Time Position. Requirements: High School Diploma or GED equivalent: basic computer knowledge (i.e.
excel, word, etc.)
Experience in
inventory control or
shipping preferred.

Maintenance Tech

Full Time Position. Requirements: High School Diploma or GED equivalent. Previous experience as a
Maintenance Tech


Contract Employee Part Time Position, work on-site in
Radiology Department, evenings, paid by the

Medical Center
Offers an excellent salary and benefit package, including Blue Cross/Blue Shield group
medical and dental benefits, vision benefits, life and disability insurance, vacation and sick leave, 401K and educational reimbursement. Qualified candidates are invited to apply at the human
Resources Department or sent your
resume to :

Medical Center

Humans Resources Department
1874 Beltline Road, SW

PO Box 2211
Decatur, AL 35609

Fax: ( 26) 301-3394

Company: Parkway Medical Center
Reference Code: FT-F001024730


Monday, 25 February 2008

Job Vacancy for Nurses

GENERAL NOTES ABOUT THESE POSITIONS: There is currently a serious shortage of Nurses in the US. 300 positions are currently available for US and foreign applicants.

- Certificate or Diploma in English
- Curriculum Vitae (Resume) in English
- CGF&S (Nurse Certificate or equivalent to US regulations)*
- Two years of experience (hospitals or clinics). Volunteer work counts as time
- of employment and experience.
- TOEFL (Certificate of English Proficiency)*

*Contact your Embassy for addresses of organizations or schools
* that will perform this test.

If the applicant is selected there is US $400 administration and set up fees.
ALL immigration attorney's fee, INS processing fee, and management fee will
be paid by the employer. The company we are working with is a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION and acquired a contract with hospitals that pay all legal and management fees.

Salary: $3000/month + Over Time
H2-B or EB-3 Visas Work permit in the USA (later option of Green Card petition)
Immediate family members also can live in the USA legally
Benefits from hospitals and clinics



The Growing Demand for Nurses

Nursing jobs in US especially for registered nurses(RN) are expected to grow faster than the average (from 21% to 35%) for all occupation through 2012.
Financially the shortage is good for the nurses. The average yearly wage for the nurse s rose 10 % in the last 2 years.The employees also offering more benefits and bonuses to retain the nurses.
Employers across the country are reporting difficulty in attracting and retaining an adequate number of RN.New Legion of nurses will be needed to meet the demand of aging population.
faster than average growth in nursing employment is also driven by technological advance in patient care, which permit a greater number of medical problem to be treated and an increasing emphasis of preventive care.
Employment of nurses in hospitals, the largest sector, is expected to grow more slowly than in most other health care sectors. While the intensity of nursing care is likely to increase, requiring more nurses per patient, the number of inpatients (those who remain in the hospital for more than 24 hours) is not likely to increase much. Patients are being discharged earlier and more procedures are being done on an outpatient basis, both inside and outside hospitals. Rapid growth is expected in hospital outpatient facilities, such as those providing same-day surgery, rehabilitation, and chemotherapy.
Employment in nursing care facilities is expected to grow faster than average due to increases in the number of elderly, many of whom require long-term care. In addition, the financial pressure on hospitals to discharge patients as soon as possible should produce more admissions to nursing care facilities. Nursing job growth also is expected in units that provide specialized long-term rehabilitation for stroke and head injury patients, as well as units that treat Alzheimer’s victims.
Nursing jobs in home health care are expected to increase rapidly in response to the growing number of older persons with functional disabilities, consumer preference for home health care, and technological advances that make it possible to bring increasingly complex treatments into the home. The type of care demanded will require nurses who are able to perform complex procedures.
In evolving integrated health care networks, nurses may rotate among various employment settings. Because nursing jobs in traditional hospital positions are no longer the only option, registered nurses will need to be flexible. Nursing job opportunities should be excellent, particularly for nurses with advanced education and training.

Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Stastistics


Saturday, 16 February 2008

Nursing Jobs

The newly created Center to Champion Nursing in America will work to elevate the visibility of the nursing shortage while identifying ways to improve the quality of patient care. Specifically, the Center to Champion Nursing will address the nursing shortage by pressing for:

  • Greater state and federal funding to support expanded nursing education, particularly addressing severe faculty shortages at nurse training institutions across the country.
  • Places for nurse leaders on the governing boards of hospitals and other health care organizations to provide critically needed perspective on improving quality and safety of care.
  • An educational movement based on new research to inform the public and policy-makers about nurse workforce issues and the link between a trained and adequate nursing workforce and high quality health care.

A RWJF funded study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that concern about the availability of nurses is one of the top three reasons people think hospital care is poor in America --with two-thirds of those surveyed blaming poor quality on overworked, stressed or fatigued nurses. Additional studies show that higher, more adequate levels of hospital nurse staffing result in fewer patients with pneumonia, fewer pressure ulcers, and fewer heart attacks, as well as lower risk of surgical patients dying within their first 30 days in the hospital.

Nursing is the largest health profession, with nearly 3 million registered nurses in the United States . However, decline in federal support, state interest and local capacity has left the nation without an adequate supply of nurses to fill a growing number of vacancies, according to the RWJF.

"It's pretty simple math. Without enough skilled nurses, patients are going suffer," says RWJF President and CEO Risa Lavizzo-Mourey,. "Nurses are the link to the patient and they are the front-line defense against medical errors. If we are going to improve the quality of hospital care and nursing care at the bedside, we need to find ways to fill the pipeline. We believe this Center will help us reach that goal."